• Urawa Saitama Pref.
  • 177.9m2
  • 70seats
  • ¥25,000,000

Located in Urawa, Saitama prefecture this pub specializes in Japanese nabe. The difficult issues in this project revolve around the unusual site shape and the need to serve 80 patrons. Also flexibility in the space plan was critical since this type of restaurant and the style of food served requires seating arrangements that fluctuate from a party of 2 to more than 20. Large party seating runs the length of the To accommodate this requirement all the walls are movable partitions allowing maximum flexibility. In addition to this the owner requested about half the seating be dedicated private booths.

The time frame for this project from concept to opening was less than 2 months. Given the short timeframe for this project much of the design development such as the partitions and screens was carried out in parallel with the construction.