ANA Crown Plaza Kobe

Kobe, Japan

We led the way in developing a concept and design as well as handling the project and construction management for the 9F and 10F hotel lobbies. Working closely with a Japanese maker of high quality carpet, we came up with a concept that evokes the natural beauty of Kobe. The colorful patterns show the relationship between the people of Kobe and their natural surroundings. The design fits within the IHG goal of adding a sense of vitality to a hotel that had been lacking a clear identity.
In this project the 9th and 10th floor banquet halls and lobbies, the meeting rooms and additional ancillary rooms were re-carpeted. The colors and patterns enliven spaces of the hotel that are central to the both the wedding and MICE revenue streams. By creating a concept that shows a Japanese reverence of nature with the physical environment of the hotel we created a sense of place that is central to good design.